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Property & Casualty

One of the most important elements of ensuring the long-term survival of your business is buying property insurance.  In the event of a fire, theft, natural disaster or industrial accident, commercial insurance can be the difference in whether you still possess a thriving business a year from now or whether you are starting out from scratch.  


Likewise, every year workplace accidents cost businesses across the country millions of dollars in medical and legal fees.  It doesn't have to be the dreaded "slip and fall" either, people legitimately injure themselves through freak accidents all the time.  If someone is injured while visiting your place of business, you can find yourself on the hook for medical expenses and the cost of defending a lawsuit, even if you weren't at fault in the slightest.



Commercial Auto

Are you confident about your businesses auto insurance? Do you even have auto insurance for your business?  You surely do if you  have regular delivery drivers or have someone who runs errands on a regular basis.  But is it adequate to protect your business in the case of a serious accident? 


All businesses need commercial auto insurance.  Most personal auto policies specifically exclude business activities.  What happens if an employee with only personal insurance gets in a serious accident while on the job and they were deemed at fault ?


It's too late to buy a policy once the worst has happened and the lawsuit is looming.  Protect your business by contacting one of our qualified agents.



Worker's Compensation

Many employers view workers compensation as a regulatory requirement and don't put much thought into their plan, but this can be a costly mistake.  On the average, injured workers who are happy with their treatment under workers compensation return to work sooner than those who think the policy fails to adequately provide for their medical care. Equally important, when they return to the workplace, their account of how they were treated impact the moral of the entire workforce.  


Of course you hope that no one is ever injured on the job, but it still matters what policy you choose.  Not only do rates and premiums vary considerably among insurance carriers, but each  carrier offers a number of ways to tailor the policy to the unique circumstances of your business.  


Our Agents specialize in matching businesses with the ideal Worker's Compensation Policy for your budget and needs.



We also provide commercial coverages for;

             Commercial Health

             Inland Marine

             Employer Practice

             Employee Benefits

             Cyber & Data

             Builder's Risk



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